Further Thoughts on Math Sequencing and Dyslexia Part 3e – Linear vs Visual Note Taking

Linear vs Visual Note Taking

In both types of systems, during the note taking process, the verbiage should be concise – not an attempt for a transcription. Additional elaboration can occur during the post-lecture review of the notes.

Linear note taking is the process of writing down information in the order in which you receive it. The most taught technique is the outline. Starting with a main topic, indenting for a subtopic and additional indents to further layer. In traditional outlining systems, The main topics are indicated by Roman Numerals, with subtopics indented and changing to Arabic numeric, Uppercase Characters and Lowercase Characters.

Linear notes are quick and relatively straightforward to produce and reproduce. For this reason they are often used for recording information at meetings, lectures and talks.

Visual Note Taking is the process of mapping notes to resemble a tree and branch structure with ideas (lines) radiating from the main topic. It is good for visual learners and making visual connections.

Use of color to emphasize different concepts and important points can enhance the visual learners learning process.