July 2019 US Disability Unemployment Rate

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July 2019 Unemployment Rates
Table A-6 and A-2
Bureau of Labor Statistics, USDOL

Persons with a Disability

Unemployment Rate 7.6% Participation Rate 20.8%

Persons without a Disability

Unemployment Rate 3.8% Participation Rate 69.2%
Unemployment Rate 13.1% Participation Rate 44.3%
Estimate of the number of people with a diagnosed or undiagnosed Learning Disability
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October US Disability Employment and Unemployment

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Data are NOT Seasonally Adjusted

October 2017

3.7% Unemployment No Disability

7.6% Disability Unemployment

31.7% Not in Labor Force – No Disability

79% Not in Labor Force – With Disability

13.4% Teenage Unemployment Rate


October 2016

4.5% Unemployment No Disability

9.9% Disability Unemployment

31.4% Not in Labor Force – No Disability

80% Not in Labor Force – With Disability

15.1% Teenage Unemployment Rate

Tables A-1 and A-6 Bureau of Labor Statistics (Not Seasonally Adjusted)


15-20% Persons with Learning Disability

Up to 50% of the Prison Population has a Learning Disability

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