March 2019 US Disability Unemployment Rates

March 2019 Unemployment Rates
Table A-6 and A-2
Bureau of Labor Statistics, USDOL

Persons with a Disability 

Unemployment Rate 7.9%       Participation Rate 21.5%  

Persons without a Disability 

Unemployment Rate 3.8%       Participation Rate 68.5%


Unemployment Rate 12.1%    Participation Rate 33.3%

Estimate of the number of people with a diagnosed or undiagnosed Learning Disability

Next release date is May 3, 2019.

Presentations and Accessibility

Accessible Educational Materials Logo
Accessible Educational Materials Logo

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials presented a webinar on August 21, 2018, on making presentations accessible. The video shows techniques to make PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides accessible.

The webinar, which is closed captioned, is available for replay here:

Accessible Presentations: How to Design and Deliver Content for Diverse Audiences

The slide deck and digital handouts are also available.

The Web, Accessibility and Word Camp Atlanta 2018

Word Camp Atlanta 2018 (a weekend for learning about Word Press) was held the weekend of April 14 and 15th. The theme this year was Diversity.  As part of that, there were several presentations on accessibility.  The presentations were in addition to the Keynote from Aimee Copeland.

The three sessions covered Reasons for website accessibility, how to evaluate a website for accessibility and how to build an accessible website.

The specific presentations were:

Making the case for accessibilityChristine Laikind

Evaluating the Accessibility of Websites with Web-Based Tools, Web Resources, and Plugins (Full Session)Kim Camp Smalley

Building Accessible Websites: Your New SuperpowerMelanie – G Adcock

The presentations were recorded and like most Word Camp presentations will be online within the next few months.  The links will be posted when they become available.

Word Camp Atlanta 2018 Logo