DSpeech – A Free Text to Speech Program

DSpeech from Dimio is a FREE Text to Speech (TTS) program for Windows.  It is one of two free programs I’ve found that can convert text to a digital audio file without having to upgrade to a paid option.

It utilizes the Speech Application Program Interface (SAPI) in Windows with the voices in the Operating System.  The voices you can access will vary by your version of Windows.  Additional voices can be added. There are several free voices which can be installed for use in the program.


The program does not need installation which means it does not need administrative rights.  It can also be made “portable,”

There are also  several simple methods to have multiple voices in the same text.  Both are demonstrated in the video below.  One is to go to the options on the menu bar, click Customize Voice in Quoted Text and complete the dialog box: checking the box for Use Different Box for Quoted Text and choose the voice.  Alternatively, the voice can be changed by using the tag #VOICE [Voice Name].  Using this option allows the use more than two voices.

Click here to go to Dimio’s website for the download